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19 August 2015 @ 02:16 pm
anime what  

So happened that I only picked up Denpa kyoushi in winter aaaaand dropped it after 3 ep and didn't watch any anime since then? till June erhm I think I only watched doramas and the big bang theory .-.

but somehow I ended up watching more anime than ever before any summer (only nice thing about working that if you finished your 8+hour you dont need to prepare or study for tomorrow)

So nowadays (like from June it's still Halloween so it's okay!! XD)  I watched

- Mikagura Gakuen
- Hibike euphonium
- AKB00048 (second season awaits)
- Rokka no yuusha (airing)
- Aoharu Kikanjuu (airing)
- Akagami no Shiroyuki (airing)

will watch:
Working - wonder if I will like it or not
Love live - I see this everywhere so I must check it D:
Kekkai sensen - seems good?!?
Ore Monogatari - idk seems hilarious from gif sets
Owari no seraph - ah will watch hope it follows the manga I will cry if not

(feels like my english is so broken today I'm sorry I don't think 3hours of sleeping is enough for my brain but I'm an excited zombie YAY)