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I love this years idol releases. Except Kisumai's new single. Otherwise from the groups I follow and like it's a great year.
Korosensations sounded really interesting from HSJ and their new single is really adorable.
double A sides are dangerous and for me this time Wo I need you is just a single filling weak b-side? BEST is really like to keep themselves to that SU ehhh XD but it's a nice song. While I think Chau# fits HSJ's image I hope there next single/album will have some more songs where they have to sing more because HSJ really leveled up as a team and individually too.
I always hope that HS7's songs will be good and except the time they trolled me with uta uta thingy their quality is going up like whoa. Kazekaoru is my all time favourite HS7 song and I didn't excepted that just for you will be pushed from first place this soon. Their voices are so stunning and the song is really good.

and yeah I was really happy that Baka6 is now 6tones officially I hope they can debut soon.
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As much as I felt 2014 was a really great year with all my sport animes, Natsume OVA, Akatsuki no Yona, Zankyou no Terror and Donten ni Warau and I could go on but at this point of the year I don't have any anime completed from new ones. I would like to say it's not because this years animes sucks or smthing they are just not for me I think.

Like I tried to watch a few from winter season like TG root A (lasted for 3 eps first season lasted for 6eps LOL), Death Parade (which is good but I can't switch my emotions for it LOL), Binan (with all the hype it was too much after 4 eps), Drrr2 (which made me think if I really did like the first season as much as I remember since S2 was really like a big ? mark in my head), Ansatsu Kyoushitsu somehow was a let down since I like the manga :/

From spring season I only watch Denpa Kyoushi because of Kamiya beaing adorable and because Rena is her sisters voice and gladly the anime is a bit interesting too even thoug they don't really care for animations :"D. I tried Maji love Revo but after ep1 it was nothing adorably dorky gayish like first 2 season :C and I didn't like the OP-ED D:. I'm waiting if Owari no seraph turns out to be likeable or it's better not to watch if it changes the manga a lot. I'm still hoping that if they really start Digimon in may it won't be a huge let down eheh~

Not complaining much since this years doramas are very good~~~

21 March 2015 @ 05:30 pm

Somehow I finished S3 and only one ep left from S4 and I kinda watched the 4 season in like 2-3 weeks so I thought I'll write a little review for myself.

Since it's fictional and it could've been much more worse. Somehow I always found these fictional themed doramas a bit too much but for now I watched too much so I'm kinda okay with them and I forgive ridiculous things since they happen in manga anime too LOL.

Season 1: I would like to rank the plot with a lower score, I found it a bit lazy written and slow but not that bad overall. As it has the AKB48 first few gen in spotligth they have very strong individual characters. Few with nice backstories few without any story yet they can move the story fair enough. My personal favourites were Gekikara (as much as I hated her I found it really well written and Rena is a genious psycho LOL), Sado because oh my god Mariko-sama is so awesome like in all of her cutscenes, same goes for Yuko her charater is very interesting and sad and she don't appear that much but still awesome~. Minor characters like Team Hormone are precious too with all of ther comments~. I wouldn't really say that Acchan's role was complicated but those faces which almost only she can pull are too hilarious. Oh and never forget about little Nezumi her sneaky chara is really needed in there. Nachu was too much never seen more annoying sidekick LOL.
The opening is too catchy like most AKB songs LOL and I find the ending really meaningful and saaad af asdfdfsd D:

Plot: 7/10
Characters: 9/10

Overall: 24/30

Season 2: Was a bigger kind of WTF like they tried something new(?!) with the plot but I had som... a lot WTH moments. Like the characters are half new half upgraded. For the part I really liked: CenNezu they are I believe what made S2 watchable for me. Jurina and Mayuyu was really good in their roles. I found the new queens weak like not physically. I like Gakuran annnnd Gekikara I mean Amakuchi~ the two of them were really cute and it's a shame they didn't have more screen time together. What I didn't like was... Acchan? I mean her role in S2 was really stupid is she supposed to search forever and what's up with beating dangerous real life gangsters? Like no plz it was not needed they could've just made her into a side chara with something more reasonable. The double twin thing was a big bullshit... it really doesn't add up for S1 Yuko to have two twins like LOL. Otabe was surely a misplaced charater too. All the WTF happenings made her love MajiGaku okay... she don't really fight anyone except the flashback 1on1.
Also what I really don't get is why the hell does everyone LOVE Acchan? Like most of them don't even know her they just know she is strong???!

Plot: 5/10
Characters: 7,5/10
(Most point because Center, Nezumi, Gekikara, Gakuran~)
Music: 5/10
Overall: 17,5/30

Season 3: Different setting much more fictional. I find the plot good enough even though you can tell what will happen because the plottwist are well not weak just IDK things are just happened like I wished LOL. The plot is the strongest in this one I think mostly because they were more free (IN A PRISON U KNOW HAHA). Well not much happened in the first few eps but it wasn't boring we get to know the charaters and glimpse of the main event~. I didn't find the charaters that strong they are not even matching S2 IMO. I have some favourites but I think S3 is strong as groups but not individually EXCEPT Nobunaga oh Jurina you asdfdfasdf you... :"D. After Nobunaga joins the fun times in prison the dorama speeds up a little and Nobunaga being awesome you did learnt a lot from Mariko and you were like 16 only in like all of her cutscenes~ Since it was a weird(er) setting I didn't really find a lot annyoying or out of place things I generally enjoyed S3 maybe the fight scenes were a lot more forced and seemed weaker than in S1-S2.

Plot: 9/10
Music: 4/10
Overall: 21,5/30

Season 4: Felt like a somehow weak copy of first season? Plot is not messy it's like it's nowhere LOL. Rappappa is lovely enough for make it watchable for me tho. I hope S5 (which is halfly and unofficially confirmed?) will make more opportunity for the girls to fight for reason. I find Sakura's chara weaker a lot weaker than Acchan's. Acchan had much more reason for her actions and she wasn't aiming for the top either. Character development on Blendy khm I mean Sakura was really late and Antonio-tachi are weak (BUT THAT FLYING KICK THO). I just hoped for something different? I appreciate Minami giving them free food tho... kids need to eat XD

Plot: 3/10
Characters: 7/10 (mainly for rappappa)
Music: 5,5/10
Overall: 15,5/30

So my ranking is:
2nd: S3
3rd: S2
4th: S4

Character toplist/seasons

1st Sado
2nd Gekikara
3rd Yuuko
1st Nezumi (wanted to give Center 1st but this little sneaky shit... LOL)
2nd Center
3rd Gekikara
1st Nobunaga
2nd Nanashi
3rd Peace
1st Otabe (S4 Otabe >>>>>S2 Otabe)
2nd Bakamono
3rd Minami-mama ♥

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Maybe because the lack of intrest for winter season I watch only a really few anime winter is more of a dorama season for me (old, ongoing both yay)

Winter anime list of mine:

winter listCollapse )


I tried to narrow my list as much as possible because I will have to work again soon.

spring listCollapse )

About the dorama army I watched in a few weeks haha~

lot of majigakuCollapse )

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15 January 2015 @ 11:47 am

I wanted to do a 30 day anime challenge but this had more intersting questions. Liked this on tumblr but the source is not avalaible anymore (maybe url change or IDK) so I can't credit the one who made it, I'm sorry .-.

40 Anime questions:
1:What is your #1 favorite anime?
Natsume Yuujinchou

2:Has an anime ever made you cry?
Better question which anime didn’t.

3:Which anime made you laugh the hardest?
Gintama. (Well it makes you laugh and cry sometimes both in the same time on repeat.)

4:If you could make a spin-off of any anime, what would it be?
It would be from Natsume and Reiko would be the main chara for revealing her life.

5:List your top [5] anime's
1.Natsume Yuujinchou (all of the seasons but it would take 4 spots so...)
-Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (got me by surprise like it very much)
-Zankyou no terror
-Durarara (did I put enough ra? D: )
-Yowamushi pedal (I don’t have many fav anime because of my pickiness so it became top 7)

6:List your top [5] anime OSTs
- Natsume Yuujinchou
- Zankyou no Terror
- Fairy Tail
- Katekyo Hitman Reborn
- Gintama
(Only 5 like asked *proud* )

7:Have you ever watched an entire anime in one sitting?
Yes, it was Natsume’s first season.

8:Who is your favorite anime character?
It’s my forever 2d love Kuchiki Byakuya.

9:Name an anime character you absolutely hate.
Not sure if I really have one.

10:Which [3] animes would you most recommend?
ugh not sure because I feel like lots of ppl don’t really get how awesome is
- Natsume Yuujinchou.
- Zankyou no Terror
- Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
- Durarara
- Hyouka
for me and I couldn’t care less if ppl don’t like them XD. (I only recommend anime for people I know so I can tel if they may like it or not.)

11:What is your favorite 'moe' anime?

12:What is your favorite romance anime?
DN Angel

13:What is your favorite comedy anime?

14:What is your favorite action anime?
Donten ni Warau (I really just wanted to put it somewhere because I love it XD)

15:What is your favorite (inverse) harem anime?
Uta no Prince sama

16:What is your favorite ecchi anime?
Don’t think I have one since I’m not a fan of ecchi.

17:What is your favorite mech anime?
I don’t like mecha.

18:What is your favorite drama anime?
Zankyou no Terror

19:What is your favorite slice of life anime?

20:What is your favorite adventure anime?
From titles that crossed my mind Akatsuki no Yona fits the best for adventure I think.

21:What is the first anime you ever saw?
Without knowing: Pokemon or Digimon
With minimal knowledge of the term „anime”: D.N. Angel

22:You get to have a harem of [6] anime characters of your choice, who do you choose?
Annnnnd they would be my harem? So they must love me? eheheh~
Tenka from Donten ni Warau
Camio from Makai Ouji
Tezuka from PoT
Hibari from KHR
Byakuya from Bleach
Hirato from Karneval

I would almost faint and also swirl in my blood and ugh but they would love me.

23:What is the most times you've re-watched an anime?
I’m not that hardcore –I have dorama and myu to watch too LOL- so maybe I saw Natsume twice but that’s it.

24:Name [1] anime you wish everyone would watch
Naruto so I can call everyone a narutard.

25:What is an anime you regret watching?
I don’t have any regrets maybe Legend of Duo doesn’t worth it but it was super short so IDC.

26:You get to have [1] anime character as your waifu/husbando in real life, who do you choose?
Byakuya it’s your time to shine.

27:Which anime character are you most like?
Hibari from KHR I think, and/or Sesshomaru-sama~ (I have an Izaya side to but I despise it)

28:Do you watch a new anime because you think it will be good, or because its popular?
I don’t really care about what is popular maybe if something realyl annoys me I watch the first few eps and then I can judge it XD.
Usually I have a few „I read this manga I swear if you ruin it I will send you to hell” anime to watch and some anime what I find interesting and sometimes they are but sometimes I just drop them.

29:Has an anime's fanbase ever made you hesitant to watch an anime?
No. No one will ever stop me to watch what I want.

30:How many anime episodes is 'ideal' for you?
Depends on the theme the story the material if it’s manga or novel or things like that.

31:Have you ever watched an anime with over [23] episodes?
Yes I have a fetish for long animes LOL (KHR, PoT, Gintama, Naruto, Bleach, DGM and I could go on with more 100>.)

32:If you could make a game for an anime of your choice, what would it be and why?
Persone 3 like fighting style Tokyo Ghoul I think? It would be awesome and the mangaka could do all the „roots” he wanted to do ever.

33:Would you ever watch an anime with over [100] episodes?
Yes. (answer 31 pretty much explains)

34:Have you ever watched an anime only because you liked a specific character?
Yes. Bleach after first saga because Byakuya ♥ . But Bleach sucks now and even the manga is really low on Byakushi so I’m sad.

35:Have you ever dropped an anime, if so why?
Yes. If it didn’t meet my expectations, screwed up the original story without reason my two main reasons to drop anime.

36:In your opinion, what makes a good anime?
Depends on the theme. Like for a comedy anime I need to „understand” the humour to find it funny. I mean in my country a lot of ppl don’t get/hate Gintama because -they watched like 5-10 anime- „it’s not funny”. Well not for them. But mostly I appreciate if they go with the manga and don’t want to change the world by absurd changes in the story. (If it has a manga/novel original of course)

37:Name a popular anime you love

38:Name a popular anime you hate
I don’t really have a reason and time to hate any anime.

39:Is there an anime you wish was more popular?
Sometimes a lot because the lack of merchandaise but sometimes none of my favourites so no one will find them (at least in my country where 95% of fans are sutpid)?

40:Thoughts on live-action adaptations?
I love it. Well the ideas of it. Not every live but seeing it’s getting more popular in Japan is just I like it. That’s all. (And if we talk about musicals YES YEEEES)

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Johnny's and the first song I heard what make me jump in their fandom. Also I try the impossible and rank my top songs~

So I thought I have to write about this before I forget everything because I became old LOL. Also I find it interesting to check back later to see how did I change my opinion.

Hey Say JUMP was my first and forever bias band(/group IDC).
First song:
I think the first song was Dreams come true I found it utterly adorable~ (and till this point I didn't really realized what this lil devils started, and like that I stuck in the idol fandom forever!!)
Top songs:
I'm totally biased with HS7 because Keito dfhgdsgfasdjfhdaf D:
I really like Tada Mae e, Just For You, Bounce, Forever, Ready Go

For HSJ I like 98% of their songs but after COAMH came out and they started to try to balance the group annnnnnd KeiKei solo parts happened I like them even more!

KAT-TUN was the next I think
First song:
What catched my attention because my friend was so hyped (get it?) about it I had to listen 1582! TY Kame :"D
Top songs:
Care (Jin solo), Flash (Junno solo), Haruka Higashi no Sora e, ON & ON, Rabbit or Wolf? (Ueda solo)

I like 6nin KAT-TUN I like 5nin KAT-TUN and I like 4nin KAT-TUN.

Kis-My-Ft2 aka I should learn to my final exams but lets watch a dorama instead of that and sink more in JE fandom.
First song: Everybody go because of the dorama theme song!
Top 5ish: Black and White, xlunasx (Taipi solo), Ai no beat, Think u x (another Taipi solo I love him LOL) My love, Goodbye thank you

Arashi - I was totally late to this fandom but I like them so it doesn't matter I guess/hope.
First song: It was way back then in 2008 but I "forgot" everyone and concentrated on HSJ my bad XD So the song was Sakura sake I saw the PV somewhere and found it interesting.
Top songs: -hard to choose D:- PARADOX, Intergalactic, Endless Game, Monster, truth (since I was late I'm much more into their newer releases)

NEWS/Tegomass - Truth is I don't like Yamapi nor his acting nor his singing skills (and not even his face is appealing to me) so I was glad when 4nin NEWS happened.
For the reason above I never really wanted to get close to the band but the first song was weeeek I thought it was catchy (like almost every pop song LOL)
Tops: Greedier, PeekaBoo (Massu solo), Pumpkin (Massu solo), Superman (another Massu solo LOL) annnd summer time XD
I'd like to mention that Massus voice is one of my really few favourites from JE!
I can't choose from Tegomass I have a tons of favourites my 2nd bias unit after HSJ X"D

I know them from shokura from a long ago the first song was crush and I found it really cool and I was really happy when they had a chance to release it in full ver!
Tops: My life, desperado, crush, vanilla, love & peace
(even though their songs mostly hit or miss for me)

I was thinking but I don't really remember the exact song which made me join them in JE fandom hmm~ I think it has to do something with Wahhahhaa!
Tops: Scarecrow (Ryo solo), LIFE -ME NO MAE NO MUKOU HE-, Roller coaster, Ai deshita, Ichibyo Kiss

Sexy Zone
They are so young even I was in fandom when they debuted haha~ (and I knew BI Shadow too)
Well I like a lot of their songs but a lot of are meh so it's kinda like with ABCZ love or hate(hate is ignoring for me XD)
Top songs: Congratulations, (love Fuma parts) Fake (fuma solo and funny he is trying to be a new FAKE Jin :"D), Ghost, If you wanna dance, rouge (another Fuma solo hah)

I like and listen to SMAP, T&T, JWEST but not my bias groups so I won't rank them.
28 November 2014 @ 09:19 am
anime and dorama update

So I was in hospital but feeling much better now. (At least my stomach doesn't hurt everytime I eat anything.)

Anime leftovers, catch ups and stuff

Akame ga kill - means: every fking one of your favourites will die a horrible death. I started with the anime, catched up at ep 15 and read the manga from the beggining and ended up in tears a lot even if someone I really disliked died (Seryu that bitch :"D) As for manga releses now I really have a few fav chara left LOL.They started to change the manga's plot bit by bit but I guess it's because the anime is heading into a new "ending".

Donten ni Warau - Really nicely covering the manga I think and it's nice to see it animated~ (my love for this series is just neverending)

Yowamushi Pedal GR - awesomecakes as S1 was and maybe I like it even better (because there is no manga in english so I really have to wait D:)

Akatsuki no Yona - I wondered if I will like it or not but so far I really like it for being a bit more realistic with emotions. Also why do we have to keep waiting till ep 9 for my bishounen pack to arrive?

Amagi Brilliant Park - I don't know what kyoani wanted with this but I guess them neither. Watching because it's pretty but won't recommend to anyone :/

Diamond no Ace - are they gonna stop after they lose? I hope they will continue and itt will be a forever lasting baseball anime for me and fellow sports anime lovers.

So I started to watch
Nobunaga Concerto - I really like it so far. Made me laugh made me cry. Well I don't know how close is it to the original but as for a dorama it's pretty good.

Jigoku sensei nube was also in my list but I couldn't even finished the first ep. I don't know why but it's not for me. Well thats a lie I will watch ep. 8-9 because of Yama-chan and his blue eyes~

I'm glad winter season will be a bit easier on me since I only want to watch Assassination classroom and Drrr! 2nd season I think. So I can catch up/start things I left somewhere in the middle.
(NOT like spring season which is always deadly)
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29 September 2014 @ 11:13 am
So finally(??!!?!?!) summer season has ended.(Almost everything for now.)

It was a great season in both anime and dorama for me.

Let me start with
Zankyou no terror (Terror in tokyo) - It was absolutely one of my favourites not just in this season or year but overall. Even when it had a few eps downhill the last 3 ep was so stunning and Twelve and Nine are so unfogattable characters. Even it was just 11 ep long I really enjoyed it and cried a lot too. The cutscenes and scenery was so amazing too. 9,5/10 from me~ (Which is really a high score from me only Natsume 1-4 is going with 10 points XD)

Haikyuu - For happiness. I was really afraid since manga adaptations from my fav sports animes are usually superb or not really good (as for me KnB anime is really missing something) but Haikyuu is really really lovely. Hoping for S2 soon.

Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus - Since I was unable to finish S1 and never wanted to watch S2 because of reasons I was hoping for the best like it will drop unreasonable fan catcher shits. I will still go with the manga but it was a nice adaptation for sure. (OP-ED Sid-Akira YES)

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - On one side I was amazed buy the lot of magic technic thing but found the mecha part unreasonable but understandable because it's Japan. It was a bit chaotic like they didn't know if they will go with school fight shit or let the students drop into the battlefield??? God like Tatsuya is a bit much but cool anyways XD. Hoping for S2? oVA? Film? IDK
Free! ES - More like Haru is stupid and Rin will save everyone??? I mean it's okay that Haru was confused with his future but this ending was a given so for me they made him unreasonably dumb about this. Quite chaotic but still ok.
Gekkan shoujo Nozaki-kun - absolutely my style, loved it the humor the charactres everything

Tokyo Ghoul - I did not read the manga until I watched ep 2? I really felt like something was off and I was totally right. Read the manga till ch 85 so I call the first season bullshit? It's totally missing interesting and iportant thing for the plot and for the characters. I will not watch S2.

Re:Hamatora - still trying to find my time to finish this but I seriously miss strong characters from this? I only find Nice and Art interesting.

For dorama:

I only watched Suikyu Yankees and Kindaichi Neo but both was funny and interesting and nice way to spend my free time XD.

Fall season:
I don't know is it just me or the genres are not for me?
I will go with
Donten ni Warau (FINALLY)
YowaPedal S2
Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji (seems good so maybe)
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So yes, I don't think many people read my entries (countable on one hand) so I hope I won't bother those whom just watched/added me for scans (wow now I think about it I don't really have new things to scan anyway, oh wait I have but only my Natsume manga extra pages but I always forget to do it)

About summer starters:

Free! Eternal summer: HAHAHA I will gladly watch this over fanserviced swimming nonsense I mean... It doesn't mean to be a serious anime and it's all right (I mean it like it's not a sport anime in the first place). all the new ships tho
Tokyo Ghoul: Uh I was not sure about this but SnK made me stronger with these kind of bloody hells so from the first ep it seems interesting!
Rail wars: I just kinda randomly watched the first ep. It has this nowadays "needed" ecchi thingy but the first ep was kinda interesting with all the rail stuff information (yes I do like anime/manga more if I can learn interesting things XD). I hope it won't became like Escha to logy for me D:
Kyoukai no Kanata OVA: holy crap OMG D: nowadays OVA's that I watched were meaningful and yet so adorable and pretty and leave me alone to cry~ (I don't watch that much OVA I'm refferring to Natsume's). Also it will have a movie ahh I have to wait for that long.
I still didn't watched Zankyou no terror (It should be out but I didn't find subs neither raw???) Re:Hamatora and Kuroshitsuji which ones haven't been aired yet~

Crying about leftovers:
YOWAPEDAL WHY, I though that at least we get to see 2nd days finish? Oh well nope but don't have to wait that much for S2! YES
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is good but I still get those code geass feels even though I want to forget :/
Diamond no Ace only has a little (considering it has 52 eps) left I wonder where will they end it (I dare them to finish it after... after they lose there I will cry if they do that  D:)
Haikyuu - OMG I love the anime it's such an adorable manga and the anime is really really good like whoa~ (I'm crying happy tears because I know tons of ppl thin KnB anime is good but most of them don't read the manga but Haikyuu is just GREAT -for me at least-)

and I will write about my ongoing manga I mean the mangas I read~ (Well the ones that are updated frequently and I don't have to wait for releases.)

Haikyuu! - I never thought any manga will try to kick Prince of Tennis from the first place if it's sport themed but they are trying hard, really hard to beat it!
Kuroko no Basuke - currently angry with all the Akashi and his team power up but it still one of my favourites.
Daiya no Ace - I get overly emotional with this a lot in positive and negative ways too, and I love it.

Bleach, Naruto - nowadays I'm just curious and want to know what's happening, hoping for some pretty Byakuya in Bleach but both of them are really boring with all the try hard power ups and fights.
Fairy Tail - trying to copy those above but I still enjoy it a lot more and the characters are more uh how should I say, they attach me more to the fandom?
Kuroshitsuji - is getting deep Ciel breaking down was what I was hoping for so long and it happened hell yeah!
Shingeki no Kyoujin - sometimes I would just kick the mangaka with all the trolling D: (even though I'm waiting for more trolling moves from him LOL)
Pandora Hearts - the manga which breaks me Junko is so mean and it's near the end how much more will I cry chapter over chapter? D:

also YowaPedal, Natsume, Ao no Exorcist are on my reading list and like over 40 manga waiting for update! It's not like I want them now, I know translators are working hard with their team for free don't get me wrong I did it too but I gave up after 3 year of cleaning, typesetting and redrawing to Hungarian.

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01 July 2014 @ 08:11 pm

I watched quite a lot doramas or movies with JE idols acting in it. A lot people say they are everywhere and untalented. Let me disagree with them. I don't say I watched plenty of dorama to judge rightfully but I won't judge anyone whom I didn't seen acting anywhere.

1, Let's start with my daddy crush Kimura Takuya~ He is absolutely one of my favourites like everyone will be? He can make really boring plots and doramas watchable~
I saw him in:
- Andou Lloyd - and I have to mention my all time favourite Reiji prof ♥ those tiny bit parts where he appears are my favourites!
- Priceless - I liked the whole dorama the cast was really great as a whole.
What I want to watch:
- Hero
- Mr. Brain

2, Fujigaya Taisuke, whom I met in a dorama before I met Kisumai and became a fan. I totally was deceived by his acting this &@đł&#! :"D I mean... I love him~
I saw him in:
-Kamen Teacher
-Risou no Musuko - even though it's a supporting role it's my favourite from him!
-Ikemen desu ne (there was where I totally believed that he is really like his chara as and idol I still don't know why that happened LOL)
- Misaki Number one!
What I want to watch:
Currently don't have any. I saw what I was interested in I think

3, Yamada Ryouske, the charming round faced hardworking little devil angel boy~~
I saw him in:
- Kindaichi movie
- Kyo no hi wa sayonara - this supporting role was really creepy yet stunning also it had Ohno as main and really loved it.
- Risou no Musuko
- Hidarime tantei eye
- Niini no koto wo wasurenaide - what I call the cry as much you can without dying movie, I used a lot of tissues that's for sure :"D
- Scrap Teacher
- Sensei wa erai!
I don't have a special fav role from him I just really like him in everything LOL~
What I want to watch:
Kindaichi neo what's starting really soon~~~

4, Nakajima Yuuto, let's stay with my HSJ boys~ I didn't really cared about Yuto as an actor till this year I think. But he's getting more and more attention again also lead roles and he is really getting good!
I saw him in:
- Yowakutemo Katematsu
- Sharehouse no Koibito
- Risou no Musuko
- Scrap Teacher
- Sensei wa erai!
What I want to watch:
- Hanzawa Naoki
- Suikyuu Yankees - start already plz I can't wait

5, Ohno Satoshi, leader is really leave me speachless sometimes, thanks! :"D
I saw him in:
- Shinigami-kun
- Kyou no hi wa sayounara
- Maou - ohohohoho my favourite role it was a masterpiece the dorama and the acting too!
What I want to watch:
- Kagi no kakatta heya

annnd that's my top5 I think~ I also like Nino, Ryo, Kame and NakaKen tho~ (and I also think YamaPi is really really overrated...)