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03 December 2015 @ 09:29 pm
fall season anime imo  
Since everything is near the end I will write a lil update about what I watched from this season.

K Return of kings - mainly a let down, I like that they tried this modern feeling thing with the OST and superb animation but the plot and the characters are just not matching up with this whole thing. It really feels like they haven't really think about the ending at all and they just do random shit to keep a little story till the last ep.

Dance with devils - Makes me keep thinkg why the fuck do I watch this? I think Rem and Lindo makes me want to keep watch it till the end. Main female lead is really in the most stupid and annoying leads so far. She is just too stupid and empty even for a reverse harem?

Haikyuu S2 - lovely as S1, really really like the anime adaptation

Noragami aragoto - can't compare to the manga because I still haven't read it (yet) but I really like it

Starmyu - feels like I watch utapri in full gay male cast version srry XD lovely ep 9 is lovely and gay, not really fan of animation or the songs I just like the cheerfulness of the whole thing

One punch man - YES 10/10 I already was in love with the manga but omg the anime version is so good too

On the dorama side I love Okitegami Kyoko no biboroku, it's so perfect for me in every way. Love the light hearted story but keeps it amusing with the mysterys they/Kyoko solves every time and from the cast is seriously the best. Hope they got some awards it's really a great adaptation.

winter season pre-list

akagami no shirayuki S2 (if it will be like S1 it's going to be great)

boku dake ga inai machi - idk

divine gate - same idk

musaigen no phantom word - it's kyoani ok? (not liek I liked every work of them but like 90% LOL)

prince of stride - let's run

aaand whatever else gets my attention on tumblr ahahaha