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10 October 2015 @ 10:15 am
fall season is my favourite  

OMG One punch man anime finally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean~

From what I listed before I already watched
- Love live both season left me a but disappointed because I thought it will have more catchy songs but no (well not for me but I like the game a lot tho)
- AKB0048 both season idk I liked it because AKB48

Also finished
- Rokka no Yuusha (Really wish to be able to read the novel in the future it has something that makes me want second season too even thoug I don't really have any favourite and I don't support neither side ok maybe I like Flamie a bit better than the others)
- Akagami no Shirayuki (It's so fluffy and pretty and I love it. Want 2nd season already!
- Aoharu Kikanjuu (IDK Mattsun's chara is pretty lame for me and I feel like something missing from this story/charater/idk for me to get really hooked)

And for fall season:

Haikyuu S2 - volleball babies are back YAY
K - Return of Kings - the animation is so badass and high level I can't also I always liked every misterious bits in K so YAY for this too (DARE TO KILL OF MUNAKATA I WILL FIGHT YOU)
Dance with Devils - wow not sure about this but it was 1 ep so I will give it a chance but our heroine seems pretty lame
StarMyu - omg this is like UtaPri just more gay I don't mean to compare the two I just got this feeling but it's good seems like they have a rather nice range of characters so everyone can find someone
Noragami S2 - still haven't read the manga yet but I like the anime quite a lot so maybe after S2 ~

Ah I forgot to check fall season dorama wise... will do later.

Fall music releses are the greatest~~~~~~ lot of idol stuff for me to love ahaha~