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Including SKE48 and NMB48 teams too.

I will cut down for album & single released team songs leaving out stages ugh


Team A:
- Ikiru Koto
- Juujun na slave
- Ruby

Team K:
- Scrap & Build
- How come?
- Aishuu no Trumpeter

Team B:
- Team B oshi
- Music Junkie
- Romance Kenjuu

Team 4:
- Hashire Penguin!
- Nanka, chotto, Kyuu ni
- Seijun Philosophy


Team S:
- Jyuri-jyuri baby
- Kesenai Honoo

Team KII:
- Shozo ga kono boku wo damenisuru

Team E:
- Is that your secret?
- Mitsubachi girl


Team N:
- Renai Petenshi

Team M:
- Boku dake no secret time
- Good-bye guitar

somehow I thought I have more Team N songs I like? but nope, same for KII
my fav teams are S and A ~

09 January 2016 @ 01:24 pm

I think it's time to list my fandoms for myself since there were a lot of changes through 2015

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20 December 2015 @ 11:25 am

TOP list by me for me

I don't follow everyone so here is the list which I choose fromCollapse )

I will rank A-sides, B-sides and a separate album tracks top list and as always whatever I feels like since it's livejournal o/

A-side singles

TOP 5: (not in order)

Kanjani8 - Maemuki scream (it's too happy-catchy D:)
AKB48 - Bokutachi wa tatakawanai (really like the arrangement of the song)
NEWS - Kaguya (I think it's my all time favourite NEWS single)
NMB48 - Don't look back (NMB48 had a good year this was my favourite from them)
Arashi - Sakura (Easily got in my TOP5 Arashi songs)


TOP 5: (I though it will be harder but I'm too biased, again no order just top 5)

NMB48 - Punkish (best NMB48 song imo)
AKB48 - 365nichi no kamihikouki (not really idolish)
SKE48 - Dirty (Team S ftw)
Hey Say JUMP - Kazekaoru (Fighting for my No1. Hey Say 7 song spot)
Hey Say JUMP - Shall we? (Totally biased with this because halloween and Keito)

Album track top 5: (again I'm too biased but it's my list so I guess that's why)

Hey Say JUMP - Pet love shop motion (It's just a really cutesy adorable song I can listen it for hours and I'm not even sorry)
ABCZ - Summer (best song from the album)
ABCZ - Stay with me (Hasshi solo and I'm biased because of the performance bye)
AKB48 - Akai pin theel to professor (Jurina solo, It's because I'm totally biased to the point that and I even like her squeeky voice LOL)
AKB48 - Love ash (TkmnxSayanee even though I waited for a poprockish thing from their duet I still like it)

Well what I can say is I like overly cheesy happy/goofy songs and I'm fine with it.
Kis-my-ft2's releases were really weak this year for me, sadly.

03 December 2015 @ 09:46 pm
I'll try not to spazz to much.
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03 December 2015 @ 09:29 pm
Since everything is near the end I will write a lil update about what I watched from this season.

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10 October 2015 @ 10:15 am

OMG One punch man anime finally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean~

From what I listed before I already watched
- Love live both season left me a but disappointed because I thought it will have more catchy songs but no (well not for me but I like the game a lot tho)
- AKB0048 both season idk I liked it because AKB48

Also finished
- Rokka no Yuusha (Really wish to be able to read the novel in the future it has something that makes me want second season too even thoug I don't really have any favourite and I don't support neither side ok maybe I like Flamie a bit better than the others)
- Akagami no Shirayuki (It's so fluffy and pretty and I love it. Want 2nd season already!
- Aoharu Kikanjuu (IDK Mattsun's chara is pretty lame for me and I feel like something missing from this story/charater/idk for me to get really hooked)

And for fall season:

Haikyuu S2 - volleball babies are back YAY
K - Return of Kings - the animation is so badass and high level I can't also I always liked every misterious bits in K so YAY for this too (DARE TO KILL OF MUNAKATA I WILL FIGHT YOU)
Dance with Devils - wow not sure about this but it was 1 ep so I will give it a chance but our heroine seems pretty lame
StarMyu - omg this is like UtaPri just more gay I don't mean to compare the two I just got this feeling but it's good seems like they have a rather nice range of characters so everyone can find someone
Noragami S2 - still haven't read the manga yet but I like the anime quite a lot so maybe after S2 ~

Ah I forgot to check fall season dorama wise... will do later.

Fall music releses are the greatest~~~~~~ lot of idol stuff for me to love ahaha~

19 August 2015 @ 02:16 pm

So happened that I only picked up Denpa kyoushi in winter aaaaand dropped it after 3 ep and didn't watch any anime since then? till June erhm I think I only watched doramas and the big bang theory .-.

but somehow I ended up watching more anime than ever before any summer (only nice thing about working that if you finished your 8+hour you dont need to prepare or study for tomorrow)

So nowadays (like from June it's still Halloween so it's okay!! XD)  I watched

- Mikagura Gakuen
- Hibike euphonium
- AKB00048 (second season awaits)
- Rokka no yuusha (airing)
- Aoharu Kikanjuu (airing)
- Akagami no Shiroyuki (airing)

will watch:
Working - wonder if I will like it or not
Love live - I see this everywhere so I must check it D:
Kekkai sensen - seems good?!?
Ore Monogatari - idk seems hilarious from gif sets
Owari no seraph - ah will watch hope it follows the manga I will cry if not

(feels like my english is so broken today I'm sorry I don't think 3hours of sleeping is enough for my brain but I'm an excited zombie YAY)

19 August 2015 @ 09:38 am

Idk what livejournal team messed up but these spamthings in mostly J&A related comms getting annoying.

16 June 2015 @ 09:14 pm

with the help of http://akbsort.tumblr.com/

which means I will miss Sasshi but whatevs her place is like her fav loli Sakuras XD
no grad or announced grad members... RENA D: Takamina and Ricchan T_T

but yeah for now how my list changed as the sorter says

so plz insert Sasshi next to Sakura holding her hand LOL

I'm afraid of a johnny's ranker D:

yet I will make a johnny's one later

27 May 2015 @ 09:00 pm

I wonder how will this change so 2 version of top 16 (lke senbatsu haha...) 48G with and without graduated members

Without graduated members:

1. Takamina (oh well I'm pretty sure she will stay at no.1 spot even after graduating LOL)
2. Ricchan (well yea my top 2 will be gone soon .-.)
3. Paruru
4. Mayuyu (lately she beat JuriSaya combi)
5. Jurina
6. Sayanee
7. Yukirin
8. Nyannyan
9. Sae
10. Yuihan
11. Miichan
12. Rena
13. Annin/Yuria
15. Kojimako/Karen
16. Ikoma-chan
and it's like I love all of them so even if it's 15th on my list it's close maybe I will call it kami11 because I can't fucking choose only 7 .-. -meloserinrankingsafterfirst-
(Even she got back N46 Ikoma-chan deserve a 16th spot so I can write list her LOL)

Yuko Acchan Mariko Kasai Tomochin Akimoto

I don't think I was sane to include the graduated special babies ugh D:
1. Takamina (for sure but after her it's messy D:)
2. Acchan
3. Ricchan

4. Paruru
5. Mayuyu
6. Jurina
7. Sayanee
8. Yukirin
9. Nyannyan/Mariko/Yuko (kill me now LOL not literally tho)
12. Sae/Tomochin
14. Yuihan
15. Miichan
16. Rena